This final year undergraduate project places a museum within the grounds of a 1960s civic building located within my home town of Plymouth. The city’s urban makeup was shaped by its bombing and subsequent replanning during the Second World War. The museum aims to stand up for this overlooked part of the city’s history, in an attempt to educate locals on Plymouth’s reconstruction, which is seen to have had a negative impact on the area.

Lift to viewing platform

The museum presents itself as an intervention in the existing Civic Centre, filling unused spaces underneath and in between. It begins to attach itself as a parasite in the form of a lift tower that connects to the existing tower’s viewing platform high above the rest of the city.
The museum exists not only to tell the story of the city’s history, but also to help define its future. A city model set within a city archive acts as a living representation of Plymouth, a place for debate and discussion of new developments.

Rooftop viewing platform

Section through scheme

Tutors: Warren McFadden and Fred Scott
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